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About Us

Restless Hearts is a group dedicated to helping Catholic young adults (18-35) in the Fall River area grow closer to Christ through fellowship and intellectual formation.

What we do

We meet for weekly discussions every Tuesday from 7pm-8:30pm. We often have a short text (1-3 pages) that we read together and discuss, or someone provides a brief presentation (10-15 minutes) followed by a discussion on related topics. There is never any required prior reading unless you sign up to lead a meeting. There is sometimes suggested prior reading. People of all levels of knowledge of the Catholic faith are welcome to join us, including non-Catholics.

Where we meet

We meet in the Holy Name Parish Center in Fall River, MA. The parish center (and entrance to the parish center) is located in the back of Holy Name School (850 Pearce St, Fall River, MA 02720). If you have trouble finding us, please contact

Previous Discussion Topics

St. Augustine's Confessions

Salvation History

The Early Church

The Gospel of Luke

Legends of the Saints

Christian anthropology

Why Restless Hearts?

The name "Restless Hearts" is a reference to a line from St. Augustine's Confessions: "You [God] have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you." You may wonder why we have the name of Restless Hearts when Augustine seems to imply that a restless heart is bad, and a resting heart is the goal. For Augustine, however, all of our life is a continual striving to find rest. We can seek that rest in all kinds of things, but we can only find true rest in God. We will not have complete rest until we are perfectly united to God in heaven, so we always have a restless heart in some way in this life. A restless heart is, therefore, a continual reminder not to grow complacent, but to seek the Lord continually. As Pope Francis has said, "This, then, is the restlessness of love: ceaselessly seeking the good of the other, of the beloved, without ever stopping and with the intensity that leads even to tears."

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